Be Thankful

When you here be thankful most people think “I am always thankful!” but are you really? Do you appreciate everything good in your life and even the bad?

Saturday evening on my way home from work after a 2nd shift, usually never work 2nd shift, I was T-Boned. A young guy in a brand new mustang ran a red light, and plowed into the side of my Camry as I was turning left. I spun out and came to a stop facing the wrong direction. The mustang is totaled, as is my car. The biggest miracle…no injuries. They could not find my passenger tire. It was gone, nowhere in the immediate area.

I was on my way home to my moms birthday dinner, frustrated that I had to work a 2nd shift. We also did not get the chance to go help my mother in law decorate since I had to work a 2nd shift.

I want to be mad.

Had I worked a 1st shift, we would have been on our way to my mother in laws. We could have got in an accident with my youngest in the car. I am thankful.

Had I been going a few mph slower, I would have been hit in the dead center of the car and potentially flipped. I am thankful.

I am walking and talking.  I am thankful.

The other guy is walking and talking. I am thankful.

A few months ago, we were rear ended on the interstate by a driver that fell asleep at the wheel. This was my wake up call.

I will be thankful. I will appreciate the little things in life. I will learn to see the good in even the bad situations.”Thank You” will be a phrase I use more. My loved ones will know how much I appreciate them.

There is good in every situation. Just look past the bad no matter how hard it may be.


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