Start Over

Do you ever just get the notion to pack a suitcase, get a pod of all your belongings and move? Start fresh with just the money in your pocket and clothes in your suitcase?

This sounds amazing.


Today In Science 01/18/17

Solar cells
In 1994, the U.S. Department of Energy announced production of solar panels giving nearly twice the efficiency of existing panels. Made by United Solar Systems of Troy, Mich., these amorphous silicon submodule (1 ft2) panels converted 10.2% of solar energy into electricity, as compared to 6% previously possible. This was possible by using new thin-film photovoltaic technology. The company has subsequently produced flexible solar shingles based on thin film photovoltaics that can permit the roofs of ordinary commercial and residential buildings to evolve from simply providing protection from the weather to becoming a source of much-needed electric power

Legionnaire’s disease
Thumbnail – Legionnaire’s disease
In 1977, scientists at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, first announced* that they had sufficient laboratory evidence to implicate a bacterium as the cause of Legionnaire’s Disease, now named Legionella pneumophila. An outbreak of this disease in Philadelphia in 1976, largely among people attending a state convention of the American Legion, led to the name “Legionnaires’ Disease.” After the bacterium causing the illness was named, the name of the illness was changed to legionellosis. The scientific paper describing the isolation of the bacterium as published 1 Dec 1977 in The New England Journal of Medicine. [Image: Legionella pneumophila multiplying inside a cultured human lung fibroblast. Multiple intracellular bacilli, including dividing bacilli, are visible in longitudinal and cross section. Transmission electron micrograph.]

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$40 a week for a family of four

I spend MAX $40 a week on groceries for a family of four.  How do I do it you ask?

  • Stopped shopping at major chain groceries (walmart, kroger, etc) except for monthly essentials…cleaning supplies, etc that small grocery doesn’t carry.
  • Save A Lot is my friend, I love this store, their meat is local and fresh, also cheap.The store is also a local chain.
  • Buy family packs of meat, split it into multiple meals
  • Shop weekly and ONLY buy what you need for the week (this will make your fridge look bare and that’s okay, happiness is not determined by how full your fridge is if you have enough food for every meal.) We do not have waste and leftovers that I have to clean out before I go to the grocery to make room. We run out of milk, eggs, butter and cheese on Wednesday nights because I buy more on Thursdays.
  • I do not buy junk food for the kids to snack on (chips, cookies, etc) a bag of chips in gone in a day. Instead I buy bulk popcorn, fruit, crackers, sandwich stuff and cereal.
  • We eat out MAX one day a week, on Thursdays usually after work and grocery shopping I do not feel like cooking.
  • We use local farmers markets during the summer for produce and eggs.

Example of meals we are going to have this coming week so that you can see saving money doesn’t mean cutting out good food…

  • Eat Out
  • Pork steaks, mashed potatoes, fresh snow peas
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Saturday Breakfast (cereal, pancakes, or waffles)
  • Sunday Breakfast (omelets, sausage, bacon, grits)
  • Smoked Sausage  Potato Cheddar bake (Super delicious, will be happy to share recipes)
  • Steak, loaded baked potatoes, salads
  • Baked Ziti
  • Chicken Broccoli Cheese Bake


As you all know, my car was totaled in December and we are down to just my husbands car. Well as of 2 days ago, his car breaks (no car wreck or anything, just older and needs some tlc). On the same day, EKU informs me that instead of owing $300, I owe $3000.

It has been a rough start. So I will not be returning to school this semester, going to try for next semester.

Now the Truck Hunt begins! I refuse to own another car. We are checking every car lot within a 100mile radius to try and find a vehicle for me. It must be a 4 door, 4×4 truck. Oh, and I have no cash for a down payment.

We have yet to figure out how much it will cost to get the hubby’s car fixed.

The final step is to start paying EKU 😦


Baby Steps.

It really sucks when you start to think you are ahead in life and then get knocked back 1500 steps.

Here is a link to our wedding registry which I reopened so people could possibly help us get a vehicle without having to go through gofundme.


Budgets are the Devil


How many of us have created a budget and failed miserably to stick to it? I know I have!

I did away with our budget, it is the devil! It does nothing but make you feel like a failure!

Here is how our finances work:

The husband and I both make around about the same amount give or take a few thousand a year.


Husband: Rent

Myself: Electric (which we cut in half by not using our central heat and using space heaters), water, Internet, and groceries.

It may seem like I am paying more but really the total amount is about equal.

As you can see, we know what we are going to pay but its not on paper. It is not labeled a budget. We decided what to do with the extra money left over. I might deposit mine into my 401k and he might do early christmas shopping or vice versa. We DO NOT have rules on what we are allowed to do with the extra left over after bills.

If we budgeted every dollar we would fail and become discouraged. By not budgeting, as long as the bills are getting paid it is an accomplishment and we are staying on track. There is no failure or discouragement because we have met our goal for the month.

Bye Bye 2016

2016…. it was well eventful in good and bad ways. It started wonderful

I married my best friend (great)

Both got new jobs (great)

Got re-accepted to college (great)

Totaled my car (bad)

Financial struggle (bad)

2017…. you are going to be amazing. I didn’t make a resolution because I never keep them. Frankly I forgot what my 2016 one was.

In 2017…

Our 1 year anniversary

Our first family vacation

Nathan turns 16!

I go back to school!

I vow to get away from financial struggle.