Back In School

I have waited a over a year to receive my official letter inviting me to return to EKU. I have submitted appeal after appeal, many letters of recommendation and it finally happened. Yesterday evening when I got home, I had a thin envelope in the mailbox. If you have every been waiting on a college acceptance letter you know, the thin envelopes are bad. I opened it with dread and that  turned to shock and relief. I was invited back under academic probation since my current GPA is right on the cusp of good standing. I have one semester to get my GPA above a 2.0. I register for my classes Monday!

Returning to school will be a financial struggle, as I will be going from working 40hrs a week to only working 24hrs a week. I will be working Monday, Wednesday, Friday with classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I have the option of working the weekend as well to bring me to 40hrs.  I learned from my last time in college and working that I cannot do that and maintain the GPA I want.  I would be overworked, stressed, tired and I will break. I need to have the weekends off to spend time with family and study.

My goal is to maintain a 4.0 GPA until I graduate. I wish to graduate with Magna Cum Laude which is a 3.7 – 3.89 GPA.