As you all know, my car was totaled in December and we are down to just my husbands car. Well as of 2 days ago, his car breaks (no car wreck or anything, just older and needs some tlc). On the same day, EKU informs me that instead of owing $300, I owe $3000.

It has been a rough start. So I will not be returning to school this semester, going to try for next semester.

Now the Truck Hunt begins! I refuse to own another car. We are checking every car lot within a 100mile radius to try and find a vehicle for me. It must be a 4 door, 4×4 truck. Oh, and I have no cash for a down payment.

We have yet to figure out how much it will cost to get the hubby’s car fixed.

The final step is to start paying EKU 😦


Baby Steps.

It really sucks when you start to think you are ahead in life and then get knocked back 1500 steps.

Here is a link to our wedding registry which I reopened so people could possibly help us get a vehicle without having to go through gofundme.




Well Here We Are

Well here we are. It has been 9 days since my last blog post. I do apologize, there has been a lot going on and stress levels are high.

It has been interesting only having one car. We are making progress with our claim though and got a rental car 2 days ago.

Mom #1 is also causing some issues with my oldest. There is some emotional baggage and mental issues that she is projecting on him. She has told him that she wants nothing to do with him and that my husband and I are bad influences. This is causing him a great deal of distress, is causing him to be distracted in school and caused him to loose his girlfriend. Keep in mind he has lived with us for the past 7-8 years with minimal contact with her.

I was selected for verification through EKU, so now I am fighting to get tax transcripts in and submitted in time. Most of the classes I need to take are full so I am still struggling to get into the correct classes. This is becoming a long drawn out process but the end result will be worth it.

Well that’s an update on life as of right now.


P.S 4 days to Christmas and the shopping still isn’t done!

Back In School

I have waited a over a year to receive my official letter inviting me to return to EKU. I have submitted appeal after appeal, many letters of recommendation and it finally happened. Yesterday evening when I got home, I had a thin envelope in the mailbox. If you have every been waiting on a college acceptance letter you know, the thin envelopes are bad. I opened it with dread and that  turned to shock and relief. I was invited back under academic probation since my current GPA is right on the cusp of good standing. I have one semester to get my GPA above a 2.0. I register for my classes Monday!

Returning to school will be a financial struggle, as I will be going from working 40hrs a week to only working 24hrs a week. I will be working Monday, Wednesday, Friday with classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I have the option of working the weekend as well to bring me to 40hrs.  I learned from my last time in college and working that I cannot do that and maintain the GPA I want.  I would be overworked, stressed, tired and I will break. I need to have the weekends off to spend time with family and study.

My goal is to maintain a 4.0 GPA until I graduate. I wish to graduate with Magna Cum Laude which is a 3.7 – 3.89 GPA.


Vet Schools?

As of right now I am considering

  1. Cornell University (#2)
  2. Louisiana State University
  3. University of Cambridge (#4)
  4. University of California – Davis (#1)

These are my top 4 vet schools I am considering.

All offer combined DVM/PhD programs except for…

University of Cambridge which offers a 6 year veterinary program. Cambridge also offers extensive graduate programs in Biochemistry which is my secondary focus. #4 vet school in the world. #1 research center in the world and most prestigious and oldest university in existence. Cambridge is also the cheapest veterinary program cost wise. Downfall: Accreditation in every country except for the US and Canada.

Cornell is the only Ivy League veterinary program in the country. the #2 vet school in the world

Louisiana State is home for my husbands family.

California – Davis is the #1 vet school in the world.

I will be completing my B.S Chemistry at Eastern Kentucky University. I have the option of  completing my masters as well but would like to attend a more prestigious graduate school as well. Kentucky does not have a Vet school. We have seats at Auburn and Tuskegee but both are very low on the vet school ranking board. No-matter where I go I will be an out of state student with a disadvantage.


Spring 2017, I re-embark on my journey of becoming Dr. Emily Gautreaux (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). I have no idea where this journey will take me or what I will experience along the way, but I will make sure to share all the details! Nervous, anxious, afraid….but at the same time excited. Along the way there will be recipes, fun facts, cleaning tips, crazy stories about my husband and kids. Stay tuned.