I Did It…

I did it finally.

On May 4th I will move from 50+ hours a week at my corporate job to a measly 12-16hours a week to be home with my baby girl. I will go from making $500 a week to barely scraping $200.

Why am I doing this, putting my family in such hardship?


I am doing this for happiness. Overworked, Overstressed me is hurting my marriage and therefor hurting my child.

Now I will be available to love on my husband in the evenings, because I will have already done my errands and housework.

This is going to be an exciting adventure where we do a lot of learning and growing.

I am excited. I am terrified. I am nervous. I am delighted.


Birth Story

October 25th 2017

40weeks 2 days.

Induction Day!

  • 4pm…
    • arrive at Baptist Health Richmond,
    • get checked in
    • change into my hospital gown that I brought from home! Best decision ever was bringing my own hospital gown that I ordered on amazon.
  • 6pm…
    • Come in and determine that I am at 2cm dilated and still have a ways to go.
    • Start slow drip of Pitocin
    • Insert Foley Bulb
  • 8pm…
    • Go to pee… Foley bulb falls out
    • Gina (Dr. Land) comes in and determines that  I am at 5cm
    • We up the Pitocin since I am not feeling any contractions and I am told to relax for the night and let the Pitocin work

October 26th 2017

Game Day!

  • 6am…
    • I wake up, uncomfortable with contractions and decide to pay some bills and read a book.
  • 7am…
    • Robin (midwife) comes in and informs me that she is going to break my water
    • Break my water
    • Up Pitocin
  • 7:15am…
    • Hard rocking contractions begin! No time to change into contacts from my glasses this is go time!
  • 11:30 – Noon
    • I feel like I am being split in half from back labor
    • Robin checks me…still only 5cm.
    • At this point I am contracting every 2 minutes lasting 2 minutes a piece. So absolute no break in between. Crying in exhaustion.
  • Noon
    • We discuss Epidural.
    • I agree to the epidural to give my body a break
      • Bless Phil (he did the epidural) he is an angel! He walked me through everything and was gentle as a feather because he knew I was terrified of an epidural and that is why I wanted to go without one.
  • 4:00pm
    • Robin comes in to check on me
      • Holy cow we are at 9cm!
  • 5pm
    • I start to feel pushy so I call my nurse
  • 5:15pm
    • We are at 10cm! It’s Go Time!
    • Phil made sure that with the epidural I could still feel enough that I knew when to push and had movement in my feet so I was not totally numb
    • Everybody is gowned up and ready to go
    • After a few practice pushes we realize that little miss is sunny side up and needed to turn to face my back.
    • Robin felt confident leaving me with the nurses to push while she attended other patients.
  • 6:30pm
    • The Nurses can see hair!
    • Robin, and the labor team are called in!
  • 7pm
    • Still pushing but now it is shift change!
    • My labor team quickly does their update for the new team and we keep on going.
    • At this point all of my day shift nurses decided that they are going to stick with me till the end, we had been through too much for them not to see little miss born!
    • Gina (Dr. Land) who happens to be my aunt comes in pushes the nurses out of the way and coaches me the rest of the way through labor!
  • 7:28pm
    • Elena Antoinette Gautreaux makes her arrival, perfectly healthy in a room full of 12 nurses and 2 doctors cheering us on .
    • 7lbs 11oz, 20.25in long with a head full of dark curly hair
    • 2nd degree tear but didn’t even notice it.


**Was in active labor of 22hrs with actively pushing for 2hrs 28minutes. **

**Picture is Elena and I, when she was 4 days old. We had been home from the hospital for 2 days.

Momma and baby


As you all know, my car was totaled in December and we are down to just my husbands car. Well as of 2 days ago, his car breaks (no car wreck or anything, just older and needs some tlc). On the same day, EKU informs me that instead of owing $300, I owe $3000.

It has been a rough start. So I will not be returning to school this semester, going to try for next semester.

Now the Truck Hunt begins! I refuse to own another car. We are checking every car lot within a 100mile radius to try and find a vehicle for me. It must be a 4 door, 4×4 truck. Oh, and I have no cash for a down payment.

We have yet to figure out how much it will cost to get the hubby’s car fixed.

The final step is to start paying EKU 😦


Baby Steps.

It really sucks when you start to think you are ahead in life and then get knocked back 1500 steps.

Here is a link to our wedding registry which I reopened so people could possibly help us get a vehicle without having to go through gofundme.



Budgets are the Devil


How many of us have created a budget and failed miserably to stick to it? I know I have!

I did away with our budget, it is the devil! It does nothing but make you feel like a failure!

Here is how our finances work:

The husband and I both make around about the same amount give or take a few thousand a year.


Husband: Rent

Myself: Electric (which we cut in half by not using our central heat and using space heaters), water, Internet, and groceries.

It may seem like I am paying more but really the total amount is about equal.

As you can see, we know what we are going to pay but its not on paper. It is not labeled a budget. We decided what to do with the extra money left over. I might deposit mine into my 401k and he might do early christmas shopping or vice versa. We DO NOT have rules on what we are allowed to do with the extra left over after bills.

If we budgeted every dollar we would fail and become discouraged. By not budgeting, as long as the bills are getting paid it is an accomplishment and we are staying on track. There is no failure or discouragement because we have met our goal for the month.

Bye Bye 2016

2016…. it was well eventful in good and bad ways. It started wonderful

I married my best friend (great)

Both got new jobs (great)

Got re-accepted to college (great)

Totaled my car (bad)

Financial struggle (bad)

2017…. you are going to be amazing. I didn’t make a resolution because I never keep them. Frankly I forgot what my 2016 one was.

In 2017…

Our 1 year anniversary

Our first family vacation

Nathan turns 16!

I go back to school!

I vow to get away from financial struggle.

Christmas Eve…Self Care

Today is Christmas Eve….I am at work until 3pm…..my thoughts? Oh well, lets make some money. There is no reason for me to be upset about having to work today, we don’t get my youngest till this evening late anyway.

Self Care is my plan for the day.  I decided this when I arrived at work after being a nervous wreck on the interstate (pouring the rain, new rental car). I was panicky, and tense by 7am….whats wrong with me? I am alive and it is Christmas Eve, I should be thankful.

My plan for today:

  • Listen to Beach Vibes radio on Spotify
  • Leave work about 3pm
  • Swing by the Dollar Tree and find the last stocking stuffers I need for the husband
  • Tidy up the house
  • Wrap Presents
  • Take a bubble bath and have a glass of wine
  • Attend Christmas Eve high mass
  • Pick up my youngest

Yesterday my husband told me, he felt distant because of how tense we had both been…. I want this to change. Christmas should not be a tense time for couples but for your average every day couple it is. We are all struggling. We must all remember you cannot pour from an empty cup.

If anybody is like me, I do not know how to relax. My mind does not stop. This ends today.

I will take time to myself. I will relax and let the things that are out of my control be. I do not want to be tense on Christmas day. I will take time to take care of myself this evening and finish up last minute things while dancing around the house with my husband and son.