Stepmoming is hard

Here is some quotes about being a step mom, bio moms, and well how to handle it. Hopefully you can relate or at least get a good laugh.

My new business card title:  Professional Avoider of Drama, Whining and Bullshit.

"it's so nice to relax after walking on eggshells for so long" - a survival of a #narcissist:

Deadbeat moms say things like "I miss my kids so much" but hasn't called in weeks & complains if they aren't available the day & moment she finally calls

And the most important of them all!

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I am a Step-Mom

Why is the word step mom have such a bad feeling attached to it? Why has everybody started calling step moms bonus moms?

I am a proud STEPMOM to two wonderful kids from two different women. This makes my situation very unique, I also have no biological children of my own. These are my children and I love them as such. They are not my bonus kids because I have no children of my own for them to be a bonus to.

Mom 1 is in and out, my eldest lives with us and I have been around for all of middle school and high school to this point. Every sports game, every academic function, every heartbreak, sickness, bad day, good day, everything.

Mom 2 is very much in the picture, we only get my youngest on the weekend. I have been around for almost half her life. We try and be at every event and birthday. But we also miss crucial moments because she does not live with us.

My relationship with each child is unique. To my youngest I could be consider a bonus mom, but personally I like the term step mom better. I feel as though in this day and age bonus mom is a term I would use to refer to a lesbian couple who have adopted.

To my eldest I am simpley becoming mom.

They are not a bonus. They are my kids. My only kids.